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Best Investments in Oil and Gas

Best Investments

Best Investments in Oil and Gas Can Potentially

get higher earnings for most Americans while allowing for the best tax benefits available today.  Atlantis Oil and Gas was formed in order to jointly venture with other independent oil and gas companies for the exploration, development and investing in oil and gas reserves.

Atlantis Oil and Gas was founded by H.G. Hurtt in Dallas, Texas.  H.G. Hurtt has over 41 years of experience in areas ranging from investing in oil and gas to blue chips and penny stocks.  Writing  direct partnerships for investing in oil and gas are his best investment strategy to date. With many years in both field-side and brokerage-side activities and services, H.G. Hurtt brings expertise for high return investments like no other in the business.

Tax benefits are one of the biggest concerns for those seeking a high return investment.  If you have not researched the tremendous tax benefits available in the oil and gas industry then you truly don’t know all the features and benefits of what many are calling their…

“best investments with major tax benefits!

  As a means to help protect those investing in oil and gas the company performs geological reviews, reservoir studies and a best investments in oil and gascomprehensive geophysical evaluation before the acquisition of any prospect. The primary objective is exploiting known reserves. This high return and potentially profitable objective is done by either:
  • re-entering well bores which have been drilled and extracting present oil and gas
  • drilling of developmental oil wells
  • drilling oil wells who reservoir is proven by offsetting
This unique and profitable approach reduces overall risk, enhances financial reward and delivers tax benefits. This unique strategy was formed to serve as a sponsor of privately offered oil and gas development programs and joint ventures. What does this mean to you?  When investing in oil and gas for a high return you can also get outstanding tax benefits.  Its very simple,

“Investing in oil and gas may be one of your best investments ever!”

best investments with Atlantis oil and gas
We live in a time of great opportunity. Energy consumption has increased dramatically on a global scale. Those who take advantage of this opportunity will not only gain financial advantage, but they will also gain tax benefits. –H.G. Hurtt