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You Can Trust H. G. Hurtt

Over 40 years of experience in the investment field from blue chips to penny stocks as well as Direct Partnerships in oil and gas. The ability to leverage a multitude of experience and real world investing knowledge equates to a long term and proven strategy for investing in oil and gas long term and affording a high return.

A seasoned, lifetime experience as an entrepreneur combined with a profitable background in investment and management evaluation allows my clients the potential of an above average and/or high return on their hard earned monies. Over my many profitable and experienced years I have learned and guided hundreds of families down the path of financial prosperity with security and risk management.

With a conservative approach to speculative high risk/high reward type investments,our unique style of investing in oil and gas yields a potential high return for our investors. This permits an investor who is qualified to play in this investment arena and has much higher odds of being successful.

Unlike many promoters, both licensed and unlicensed, my goals include sending revenue checks and getting tax benefits if available on each project I participate in. I don’t enjoy losses, although they do occur from time to time, and my years of experience have helped me to reduce risk in the evaluation process giving my track record much higher odds of being successful.