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Only The Best In The Industry work with Atlantis Oil and Gas.  PROGAS, our field operations partner, has expertise in areas such as, drilling and well services, natural gas storage and other services.

Progas and Atlantis Oil & Gas, Inc. have partnered to develop the NW Premont Field Development Project just west of Kingsville, Texas. Using many decades of combined experience of field side and brokerage side industry know-how, this team of experts have been brought together to establish best return on investment as allowed by nature and the land being drilled.

Read about the key personnel and consultants with Progas Exploration and Production, oil and gas operator and developer of the field.

Progas Leadership

DAN POLK – President & Founder of the Progas Companies

danpolkMr. Polk entered into the oil and gas business in 1976 when he drilled his first well on his “fly in” resort on the shores of Dale Hollow Lake on the Kentucky/Tennessee state line, one of the first fly-in resorts in the world. Within 3 years he had been involved in the drilling and completion of hundreds of wells in Kentucky and Tennessee and had expanded his operations to West Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana and Illinois.

Mr. Polk expanded operations to include, drilling and service rigs companies, a geophysical company, which performed surface reconnaissance to locate oil and gas, acquired a pipeline company, oil well cementing equipment, oil field supply house, oil field tool rental companies and even developed down hole equipment unique to the industry, the Tension Straddle Packer for isolating, testing and treating oil or gas zones (“Oil and Gas Journal” December 1984 – “New Straddle Packer to Revolutionize Open or Cased Hole Well Stimulation and Production”).

Mr. Polk served as President and a founder of the Kentucky Independent Petroleum Producers Associations and he or his company have been written about or interviewed for the Oil and Gas Journal and Oil and Gas Investor Magazine numerous times. He is published in the Oil and Gas Journal regarding secondary and tertiary oil recovery techniques, (CO2 Generation and Flooding Techniques for the Illinois Basin) and he has the experience of thousands of wells behind him. He relocated to Texas in 1992 to take advantage of the depressed industry, which along with his experience in oil and gas completions and production, allowed him to effectively evaluate thousands of potential re-entries to create the inventory of prospects available to Progas, today.

Mr Polk is President of Progas Exploration and Production, and founder of Progas Drilling and Well Services, Inc, Progas Energy Services, Inc, and Progas Natural Gas Storage and Services, Inc. Progas also started one of the first oil and gas newsletters in the 80’s which introduced Mr Polk to thousands of oil and personnel and operators throughout the US, a valuable source of data for seeking prospects, equipment at below market values, and consultants that may be needed from time to time in unfamiliar territory. Mr Polk serves as President of Progas.

MR. POLK’s STRENGTHS - Prospect generation through an endless number of contacts in the industry, well completion of oil and gas wells, down hole work – fracs, well treatment stimulation, primary, secondary and tertiary recovery, pipeline construction, day to day and long term operations and goal development, contract preparation for gas operations or gas contracts, gas storage design and development, delegating authority to those who are most able to accomplish the known goals, has been involved in several public offerings, takeovers, negotiated bankruptcy settlements and acquisition of assets from the same, works 70-90 hours per week and loves his work. His greatest strenghth is that he is known as the man who can pull a ‘rabbit out of a hat” in nearly any circumstance, legal, technical administrative or business wise. Solving problems is his hobby.

PAT ROBINSON – Co-Founder of Progas / Chief Geologist

Mr Robinson is our geologist. He was co-founder of Progas and its companies. He obtained his dual degree in geology and sedimentology from Purdue University in 1970 and continued his education seeking his Masters from the University of Southern California. While working on his masters degrees in sedimentology and marine biology, he was immediately hired by Capital Oil of Los Angeles. He then moved on to become an independent geologist, retiring for a brief period, after several large gas discoveries in the Sacramento Basin at the age of 38.Pat Robinson

He moved back to his family’s home in Kentucky, and there he teamed up with Mr. Polk to form Progas (an acronym for Polk Robinson Oil and Gas), selling his production to help add to the already large inventory of oil and gas equipment and leases. Together they developed numerous prospects in the Illinois and Appalachian Basins, as well as the Cumberland Plateau of eastern Tennessee and Kentucky; acquired several companies, gas gathering pipelines, and oil and gas fields in the mid to late 80’s.

Mr Robinson helped Mr. Polk build a company that could develop a prospect from “cradle to grave”—from obtaining the oil and gas lease to, well drilling and completion. Mr. Robinson is the chief geologist on the project wells.  Mr Robinson also served as President of the Sacremento Basin Gas Producers Association.

MR. ROBINSON’s STRENGTHS - Geology, sedimentology regarding the deposition of oil and gas sediment, log evaluation, prospect generation, reserve studies, oil and gas lease development, contractual relationships, natural gas storage field development, business acumen is superb, and is one a few geologists who have had hands on experience with field operations.


JERRY KIDD - Progas Partner Mr Kidd is a second generation oil and gas professional, having been in the business over thirty years. He is the owner of Kidd Production, and oil and gas operating company and operates some and will operate many oil and gas properties for Progas as one of the Progas partners.

Jerry also owns an oil field trucking and service company, operates two small service rigs (depth capacity of 8000’), several pieces of heavy equipment, dozers backhoes, etc required for oil field workand intends to jointly venture with the Progas companies to acquire 3 service rigs in the second quarter of 2007. He is an expert in production and until a recent divesture, operated well over 100 oil and gas properties. Jerry has also served as a consultant to a number of companies who are heavily vested in oil and gas production in his region.

MR. KIDD’s STRENGTHS - Jerry seems to know where to find any item needed in the oil and gas patch at the best price, handles the logistics of placing a well on stream and in production once stimulated or ready for production. He manages a sound service rig and oil field trucking company and his strongest points are having the service rig available to us when and where needed for shallow wells and the production of wells when on stream.


JAMES LINNEMAN - Independant CPA w/ Progas Mr Linneman serves as the companies independent CPA. He handles all funds and there are few more qualified to do so in the oil and gas CPA circle. Mr. Linneman earned his BBA from Baylor University and taught accounting and auditing courses at TCU and UT-Arlington for 9 years while also being employed by one of the country’s largest accounting firms, Haskin and Sells (fka Deloitte and Touché).

While with them, he established audit procedures and supervised audits of continuing clients in various industries including State & Local Government, Banks, Oil & Gas Production and refining companies. His relationship with Frank Woods, a client of Haskin and Sells, and oil and gas entrepreneur of considerable fame, (Pride Refining, Pride Pipeline, Pride Energy Services and Westwood Production), allowed him to leave the accounting industry and serve Mr Wood as President and CFO of West Wood Energy, Inc, (1978-1999) which company drilled over 300 wells in Texas and Oklahoma with the Frank Woods and his partners, as well as developing real estate and geothermal properties.

During this time his duties included, mergers and acquisitions of properties or companies, formation and management of industry partnerships, oil and gas operating agreements, evaluation of production data, developing management reports to provide lease profitability analysis used to monitor oil and gas lease profitability and determine divestiture properties, evaluating and projecting reserves and economic projections for producing properties and properties to be acquired or to be sold, completed acquisitions, and divestures, evaluating prospects, the sale or purchase, or development of those prospects from both a financial and tax viewpoint.

In 1999, the company divested itself of it’s assets after the death of Frank Woods and James once again entered into the oil and gas accounting business and also started Integras Operating, an oil and gas operating company which operates oil and gas wells for a select number of companies from an administrative point of view, receiving and distributing revenues, reporting to the Texas Railroad Commission Oil and Gas Division, and generally handling the administrative function of operator for these companies so that they might do what they do best, develop prospects. Mr Linneman also participates, like the others, in Progas oil and gas prospects so also has a vested interest in seeing that they are economically viable.

MR. LINNEMAN’s STRENGTHS - Mr Linneman is fully equipped as an accounting firm to handle all financial and reporting aspects of any oil and gas operation, and does so for a select number of oil and gas companies based in the US and foreign companies vested in oil and gas in the US.

He has a strong sense of financial responsibility to his clients, and is able to track the development cost of a lease of project due to his familiarity with the industry. He is also well hated on oil and gas operating agreements and the standard of the industry, the COPAS accounting procedures, generally internationally accepted accounting principles. His main strength is the tracking of an oil and gas property from the inception of the first dollar invested to the last dollar produced.