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Best Investments in Oil and Gas

High Return Oil and Gas Investment Project

High Return Investing in Oil and Gas


Northwest Premont Project High Return Drilling & Re-Entry:

A new oil well field extension project has multiple play zone potential in “stacked” Frio Sands with very high reserves (meaning high return potential) in a shallow sands.

Oil and Gas Projection Charts

The Project consists of developing the field in stages through strategically located drill sites and the re-entering of existing wells with proven oil and gas behind pipe which have yet to be developed.  This strategy is designed to yield a high return for oil and gas investors. The Northwest Premont Project has a high return potential and the project is comprised of two strategic ideals for high return gain and profits:  
High Return Oil Field

1) Re-entries into a number of wells, already drilled, logged and tested (positive) for oil and gas, which simply need well stimulation or a virgin zone opened up for production.

High Return Oil Derrick

2) Development wells that can be drilled between previously drilled wells or newly successful re-entries which encountered oil and gas sands that were not produced, thereby lowering the overall risk.


The Northwest Premont Project Offers High Return

High Return NW Premont Map Sheet

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  • Lowered Risk
  • Fast Payout – 10 to 12 months projected from time well goes into production
  • Higher ROI with 10+ to 1 return potential
  • Industry experts in geology, operations and engineering